It's not a hobby, it's a love.

Roughly five years ago, John decided to expand upon his hobby and make something out of it. It started slowly as he helped fix the neighbor's bikes and has snowballed into something much bigger. The future of John's Bike Repair will have more to do with the classics as that is John's preferred medium and greatest expertise. The best part of any bicycle is its story. Being able to rebuild those childhood relics from the ground up and bring them back to their former glory is what makes this all worth it. As illustrated by several of the photos present throughout this website, John is most passionate about the Schwinns. Take for example the one directly to the left of this text. It is no accident that this bike was chosen. This is a 1959 Schwinn Wasp. It isn't like most other Wasps you may have seen, however, as it has been fitted with a set of white S7 middleweight wheels, prewar Meade fenders and sparkle grips. While John is focused on authenticity, he recognizes that there are times when just building a nice bike is the way to go.